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Steyr Marine Use Diesel Engine

Steyr Marine Use Diesel Engine
Product Detailed

Styer Diesel Engine Marine Use
1)Super power: high-reserve power
2)high-torque in low speed
3)acceleration good
5)dry liner

Styer diesel engine for marine use  

Weichai WD618 series diesel marine diesel engine is developed from WD615 series diesel engine by enlarging the stroke. According to the request of marine engine and the national standard, we have developed WD618C series marine diesel engine. Its main spare parts and components are global purchased. It has the advantages of large power storage, low fuel consumption, low emission, high reliability, easy to operate and convenient to maintain. It is suitable for various ships with the power range from 180kW to 275kW, and speed range from 1500rpm to 2150rpm. The engine can match with gearbox of MB270A, 300 and D300 with ratio of 2:1 to 7:1.

Structure advantages of Marine diesel engine

1. Special frame type main bearing structure makes the cylinder block has high strength and small vibration.  

2. Each cylinder has a separated cylinder head, makes it easy to maintain and has decreased the operation fee. 

3. Main spare parts and components are global purchased, and has realized the high-configure of the engine.

4. All accessories are completed including air cooler and sea and fresh water heat exchanger, and make it easy to be installed.  

5. Dual-circulation water cooling method of both inside and outside is used, inside circulation is cooling the diesel engine by fresh water, and outside circulation is cooling the fresh water by sea-fresh water heater exchanger. The life of diesel engine has been prolonged.

6. The diesel engine has perfect protection and control system. Intelligent controller has been used to supervise and control the diesel engine, and it can alarm and stop the engine whenever the speed, water temperature, oil temperature or pressure is over limit. Remote controller is also available.

7. Water liner exhaust pipe can keep the low temperature of engine room.

8. The size of flywheel and flywheel shell are the same of WD615C and WD618C series diesel engines, and the matching and repairing are convenient.

9. There are pulley grooves and connecting flange seat in front of the crankshaft for customers to connect with power take off equipment.  

Fuel system:

1. Fuel filter: With dual series connection paper element. It has the function to separate the fuel and water, and has increased the filtering effect.

2. Multi small hole injector has increased the atomization quality.

Intake and exhaust system:

1. The surface of external pipe is coated by heat-proof material, and has assembled with heat proof shell to reduce temperature.

2. Sea water is used to reduce temperature of integral water liner exhaust pipe, and the temperature of engine room has been reduced.

Lubricating system:

The oil cooler has improved into wing type element, and has increased cooling effect.

Electrical controlling system:

Running parameters are measuring and indicating automatically. It will alarm and stop the engine when parameters are over limit.

Performance Advantages of Marine Diesel Engine

Low fuel consumption: The lowest fuel consumption is 198g/kW.h. Reasonable intake system and fuel supply system have widened the economic operation range and ensure the engine work within the best fuel consumption range.

Super power: Power storage can reach to output of 275kW. Speeding up quickly.

Low noise, low emission and low smoke: Noise is up to 108dB(A), emission can fit to Euro II standard, and smoke up to 1.2Rb

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